Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a world class system of education where every pupil within the region will be able to access consistently high quality teaching in all classrooms and where all schools, wherever their geographical location, will be led by excellent leaders.

To achieve our vision, GwE will work with all stakeholders to robustly and effectively support, challenge and monitor performance at all levels and ensure that the categorisation framework is used consistently to target support in proportion to the need that is identified.

The national improvement plan, “Qualified for Life” is an indication of a commitment to the concept of a self-improving education system, and encapsulates the vision of school leaders working together, taking charge of their future and development. Whilst those within our schools must take responsibility for raising standards within their own establishments, GwE is trying to nurture a mentality of mutually celebrating the achievements of an entire system.

In order to do this, GwE will work towards a clear set of educational aims, whilst also improving its organisational structures so that it is better able to offer sustainable support to schools across the region.

GwE Business Plan – 2016-2019