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Discover Teaching

It’s the season of school exam results; a chance to reflect on the fruit of one’s labour during the run up to the exams. It’s also that time of year where thousands of students decide what path to take. 2017 has proven to be a successful year, with results in Wales being at its highest in 8 years. Everyone must be congratulated on that, including teachers and pupils.

But, putting all the tremendous results achieved during this year’s results period to one side, there is still a worry within the education sector. That worry relates to the decreasing number of people following a career into teaching.

The Discover Teaching campaign aims to recruit and retain teachers in Wales. The campaign offers support and advice to all those thinking about a career in teaching with a website full of information on what to do next.

Do you feel that you want to give something back to the education sector and help educate the future generation? Teaching is considered one of the most important professions; a profession that teaches all professions. Teaching is a well-paid career, with a starting salary of £22,467. It’s a rewarding career; helping to develop others’ education with good prospects for your own career progression.

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