Lost Words @CymruNatur

Recent research shows that half of Britain’s children can’t recognize nettles, 65% aren’t able to identify a Blue Tit, 83% don’t know a bumble bee when they see one and 50% can’t recognise well known birds such as a Puffin. These names are no longer in our children’s vocabulary. For many years Ysgol San-Sior have started assemblies by sharing a picture of a creature, bird, flower or insect with the children and placing it on the big screen in the hall where it stays for all to see for the rest of the day. The children now know several species. The school has tweeted the photos so that other schools can use the @CymruNatur images. A new species is added every day.

Ian Keith Jones, Headteacher at Ysgol San-Sior states:  “It looks like we have missed a generation; many parents of the School cannot distinguish a Small Tortoiseshell from a Painted Lady. There is a generation of words disappearing. Children have a natural curiosity in their world and you are very welcome to use @CymruNatur in your schools”.

The book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane has been distributed to every school in England. There is a campaign to get a Welsh copy for every school in Wales. A wonderful book that reinforces the loss of contact with Nature and is a valuable resource for the class. More information can be found here: