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National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) 2018-19

National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is mandatory for all teachers moving into their first headship post in Wales.


Should I apply for the NPQH?


Information sessions

The programme for 2018/19 differs from preceding years and it is essential you receive the details of the content and process in order for you to decide whether you wish to apply.

To ensure you are fully informed, a number of briefing sessions will be held across Wales both at the end of the summer term and the start of the autumn term and it is recommended you attend one of these with your Headteacher.

The NPQH is a national programme and as such each of the briefings will provide the same information so you can attend the session that best suits you in terms of location.  There is no need to pre-register. The details of all the briefing sessions across Wales are shown below.



  • You should discuss your application and Leadership Standards Review (LSR) with your Headteacher who may wish to discuss it with the Supporting Improvement Adviser
  • Where you have the agreement of your headteacher they sign and complete the application and return it to you
  • You must forward your application to the Consortium [] before 1pm on the agreed date. The Consortium arranges for the Endorsing Officer to consider the application and make a recommendation


NPQH Timetable
Submit application form by 1:00pm [] 08/10/2018
Endorsing Officer to have returned application 19/10/2018
Outcome and name of support to applicant 24/10/2018
National Day [Marriott Hotel, Swansea] 06/11/2018
Support from 12/11/2018
Submit templates by 1:00pm 01/02/2019
Assessment Centres 04/03/2019-15/03/2019
National Moderation 22/03/2019
Results to candidates 03/04/2019
Appeal deadline 07/05/2019
Appeal panel week of 13/05/2019
National Development Day (South) w/c 22/05/2019


NPQH Documentation

Briefing Dates NPQH Briefing Powerpoint 2018-2019 Application Form – 2018-2019
Leadership Standards Review Leadership Task Template Career Profile Template


Should you have any queries regarding the above please contact your Regional Co-ordinator


Consortium Regional Co-ordinator Contact Details
CSC Jendy Hillier
01443 827555
EAS Peter Jenkins
07904 644749
ERW Tom Fanning
GwE Rhys Willliams
01286 685044


NPQH 2017-2018

The NPQH is a national programme, delivered regionally by the four consortia.

It consists of rigorous assessment against the Leadership Standards and focuses on evidencing professional practice.

Please see the link to the NPQH page on the Learning Wales website.


All prospective NPQH candidates are advised to attend one of the briefing sessions, together with their Headteacher. Briefing sessions will be held across the GwE region during the week commencing 5 June.

Information Sessions 2017-2018

Please see the pdf document for further dates and locations across Wales. You’re welcome to attend one of these, should the dates of GwE’s sessions be inconvenient.

Below is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the Information Sessions:


Here is the application timetable for 2017-2018.


June – September 2017 Candidates to discuss the Individual Leadership Review (ILR) and application with their Headteacher.
By 13:00 on 18 September 2017 Candidates to submit to GwE ( or

  • application form, signed by the applicant and by the headteacher / chair of governors (Word format, electronic signature, using template on GwE website)
  • ILR (Word format + a PDF copy).
Between 18 September and 9 October 2017 GwE to arrange completion of the forms by the Challenge Advisers and Endorsing Officers.
By 13 October 2017 Applicants accepted on to the programme to be notified by GwE, with a copy of the final application form.
From 16 October 2017 onwards Period of support begins for candidates.
w/c 23 October 2017 2-day Leadership Development for candidates
By 13:00 on 31 January 2018 Candidates to submit their NPQH template to GwE ( /
Between 5 and 23 February 2018  Assessment Centre
w/c 12 March 2018 Candidates informed of outcome
w/c 21 May 2018  National Development Day

Here is the NPQH application form for 2017-18. This must be submitted – following discussion with your Headteacher and with the Headteacher section completed – to by 1:00pm on 18 September 2017.


Here is the blank ILR which you must use. This needs to be submitted together with your application form in Word format (+ PDF copy) by 1:00pm on 18th September 2017 to

PLEASE NOTE there is a word count on the ILR – any extra words will be discounted.

No other version of the ILR will be accepted!

Here are some completed exemplars of ILRs



For further information please contact: Marian Wyn Williams ( (01286) 679976

NPQH 2016-2017

The NPQH is a national programme, delivered regionally by the four consortia.

It consists of rigorous assessment against the Leadership Standards and focuses on evidencing professional practice.

Here is the NPQH process:

  • Application


  • Support and Development:


– Leadership Coach
– Leadership Activity
– Assessment Centre Preparation
– Networking

  • Assessment
    – Present evidence of your professional practice including your updated ILR (Individual Leadership Review)
    – Regional Assessment Centre and moderation
    – National moderation

NPQH Timetable 2016-2017

Support from Leadership Coach

From November/December

Updated ILR submitted to Consortium. (1pm as PDF) 01/03/2017
Assessment Centres 06/03/2017 – 17/03/2017
National Moderation meeting 28/03/2017
Results to candidates 03/04/2017
Appeal deadline 10/05/2017
Appeal panel meeting (week of) 22/05/2017
Graduation ceremony (week of) 03/07/2017


For further information please contact Ann Grenet / Marian Williams by e-mail to or by phoning (01286) 679976.