Update on Personalised Assessments

Learner reports will be available shortly, containing the starting point for progress in the Numeracy (Procedural) Personalised Assessment, and also an age-standardised score for each learner. Please view the assessment website to check when these are available. These reports should be shared with parents and carers as part of the normal reporting process.

If schools have not yet scheduled an assessment for any learners, they should do so now so that the assessments are completed before the end of term. It is statutory for all learners in Years 2 to 9 to take the Numeracy (Procedural) Personalised Assessment once during the school year. A second use is optional.

Webinars providing training on scheduling and running personalised assessments were delivered throughout the spring term. A new series will begin in the autumn, and in the meantime staff can access a recording which runs through all the essential details you need to know about the assessments. The recording is available on the assessment site and this link.

A big thank you to all schools who are participating in the trials for the Reading Personalised Assessments in English and Welsh during June and July. Your support is essential to ensure that information is gathered on learners’ responses to the texts and questions before they go live to all schools in the autumn term.

One of the advantages of phasing in the online assessments over a three-year period is being able to consider feedback and make refinements as the assessments are rolled out to ensure that the assessments are a valued tool to support teaching and learning. A survey form is available on the assessment site if you would like to share your views and experiences of the assessments.


Helpdesk: 029 2026 5099  help@personalisedassessments.wales