Making Effective Use of the Early Years PDG


The Wales Centre for Equity in Education publishes a valuable new resource for Early Years Practitioners and Leaders


A new resource entitled, ‘Making effective use of the Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant: A resource for Leaders and Practitioners’ has today been published by the Wales Centre for Equity in Education.

With the aim of assisting Early Years practitioners and leaders in making effective use of the Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant (EYPDG), the resource draws upon evidence from research, inspection and professional practice in Wales as well as from other countries and includes case-studies of effective practice. The publication also provides background information (drawn from key Welsh Government publications and other sources); offers guidance on how best to target the use of the EYPDG; uses evidence-based interventions; explores opportunities for joint work with Flying Start, Families First and Communities First, and gives references to the many resources and publications cited.

Dr Jane Waters, one of the report authors, said:

“As stated in the Welsh Government (2013) Tackling Poverty Action Plan: ‘Education has a fundamental role in helping to lift people out of poverty and in protecting those at risk of poverty and disadvantage’. This publication provides advice, guidance and exemplification to Early Years professionals and leaders responsible for the effective deployment of the Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant (EYPDG).

“Extending what is currently available, this document provides an accessible, yet thorough, evidence-informed rationale for a variety of interventions. The provision of a full bibliography allows further engagement with research literature as required; this is a valuable publication in the drive for EYPDG-funded initiatives with the potential for significant impact,” continues Dr Waters.

The Wales Centre for Equity in Education will be launching the publication on Thursday, September 17th with a Seminar which will be held at Blaenymaes Primary School in Swansea.

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To download the resource or to read the publication in full, please click here.