GwE Professional Offer

GwE’s professional offer is both comprehensive and wide-ranging, providing effective professional learning opportunities for all school staff, from teaching assistants wanting to achieve a Higher Level Teaching Assistant qualification, an Aspiring Leader Development Programme, a Middle Leadership Development Programme, to prospective head teachers through the NPQH. It also includes Professional Learning opportunities in numerous other aspects of school life, for example: literacy and numeracy in the primary, core subjects in the secondary, curriculum planning and well-being.

The service has evolved to be in a position to offer training based on the principles of schools as learning institutions.   There is a focus on professional learning, based on providing support using various approaches including specific off-site and remote professional learning, mentoring, and effective school-to-school collaboration. All promote self-improvement and pedagogy with the aim of rolling out good practice.

GwE’s professional offer has been planned with the development of individuals on the classroom floor in mind; whilst also accommodating whole school aspects; supporting clusters of schools, and responding to LA needs.  The provision is based on the sound knowledge held by Supporting Improvement Advisers of their respective schools, of the needs of specific clusters, the LA’s aspirations and national priorities.

The principles of Curriculum for Wales are embedded in all training and the four curriculum purposes are always at the forefront of presenters’ minds, as they set about planning relevant, up-to-date and engaging training.

As part of GwE’s professional learning offer across the educational reform, we will maintain our integrated approach across all aspects.  As part of this, we will continue to support and further develop the collaborative work across clusters looking at the 3-16 continuum. Working closely with leaders, we will identify resources and areas of professional learning to include the 12 Pedagogical Principles within the broader context of teaching and learning, assessment, regional AOLE networks and curriculum design and planning at school level.

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