Qualifications Wales / Coronavirus – Covid-19 update

Schools are closed and the summer exams are cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a difficult time for everyone. We know you have many questions about what happens next, including how learners will be graded this year. 

You will find the most up-to-date information by clicking the link below, including a series of frequently asked questions and blogs by our Chief Executive and senior staff. Relevant statements by Welsh Government, WJEC and other partners in the education sector can be found in the menus on the left.—covid-19/

Further to correspondence on 16 and 17 March 2020 regarding our intention to collate and share remote learning resources and materials for you to use with your learners. 

Step 1

The Google Classroom platform has been set up. Initial resources have been uploaded. These include a range of practical resources for areas of learning/subjects in each key stage, and more will be uploaded on a regular basis. 

Step 2

GwE Distance Learning Guidelines

Many of you will be providing work for pupils via different digital media during these uncertain times.  To support you, we have provided guidelines and key considerations you should discuss with your staff in order to ensure appropriate and safe use of this medium.  Additionally, there is an ‘acceptable use’ check-list you can use with your pupils so that they understand what is expected of them.


The information is to be seen on the website shared with you at the beginning of the week under the heading ‘Distance Learning’


As digital services will be used increasingly in the coming weeks, GwE is collating several sources of guidance to support you, whatever your level of experience in this area.  As a starting point, guidance on Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams is provided.  Further guidance on different resources that support ‘distance learning’ will be added in the coming weeks. 


This is the current content of the website: 


GwE – Google Classrooms

Information on how to join the following ‘Google Classrooms’ : 

FPh, KS2, KS3+4, KS3, KS4 and KS5 Core Subjects, Teaching Assistants

Distance Learning

Guidance for the following areas:


Guidelines and key considerations you should discuss with your staff in order to ensure appropriate and safe use.

Key Considerations

A series of suggestions you should consider in order to

ensure that distance learning practice is developing

safely and effectively.

Google Suite support

Useful information and videos to share with learners, teachers and parents, for example  Using Google Classroom and other Google tools

Microsoft support

Useful information and a video on using Microsoft Teams


We are also working with the other Consortia to share resources so as to widen the range available to you. During the next fortnight, we will also be in discussions with the Government, Estyn and the

National Leadership Academy to consider wider possibilities in terms of sharing resources and promoting professional learning.

In order to ensure that each area of learning/subject area contains as wide a range of resources as possible, we kindly request that schools also consider contributing to the resources by sharing their own teaching and learning materials. They can be uploaded through the ‘Stream’ in Google

Classroom or sent to Sharing will ensure that teachers can access the widest possible range of materials to aid distance learning for their pupils. The unique critical situation we currently face as a profession demands collaboration by all partners and stakeholders. The resources contained on the platform can then be adapted and utilised by teachers to best serve their own pupils.

Guidance for using distance learning platforms can be accessed via this link:

In addition to further populating the platform, we will also endeavour over the next few weeks to collate and share with you a series of remote learning resources to support the professional development of your staff with the national reform journey. 

We will continue to review the situation on a daily basis, and to update you via our website:   and Twitter account. 

In addition to updating you with support for distance learning, we will also be sharing with you next steps regarding how we intend to support you in this challenging, and possibly extended, period in time.

COVID19 – 16.03.2020