Leadership Development Programmes

International research demonstrates that leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on learning and outcomes.

We believe that all our practitioners are leaders whether they lead learners, other practitioners or schools. We are committed to building leadership capacity by encouraging and supporting all practitioners to develop their own leadership potential and the leadership potential of others.

GwE are committed therefore to introducing a progressive, practice-based, career-long development of leadership for all. This is embodied in the leadership development pathway. The pathway reflects national principles and strategies for leadership development and is wholly consistent with the Professional Learning Model. It is underpinned by the Leadership Standards and the support and development opportunities within it will be flexible to the individual needs and circumstances of each practitioner.

GwE, in collaboration with other key stakeholders, have planned and prepared a comprehensive cross-sector Leadership Programme for practitioners of the Region.

We hope you will take advantage of these effective professional development opportunities.


Flyer: Professional Learning to support the development of Inspirational Leaders across Wales