Modern Foreign Language

Sylvie Gartau

GwE Global Futures and MFL Coordinator

Stephanie Ellis-Williams

GwE Global Futures and MFL Lead and
GCSE MFL Lead Practitioner for Anglesey and Gwynedd

GwE’s GCSE MFL Lead Practitioners’ details:

Stephanie Ellis-Williams

Anglesey and Gwynedd

Bev Gordon

Conwy and Denbighshire

Amanda Creevy

Flintshire and Wrexham


Dear Head of MFL,

I would like to share some information about Tim Penn with you. As you may know, Tim is a Business and MFL Guest Speaker who visits schools to raise the profile of Languages and communication in the world of work. His MFL talks are very popular and he succeeds to awaken pupils’ aspirations in studying Languages. He has contributed immensly to the Global Futures programme here in Wales and he has undoubtedly helped to increase MFL uptake in schools where he has visited. Through the Global Futures programme, we aim to ensure that Tim visits every School (free of charge) in the region and your Lead Practitioner will have more information for you in the next hub meeting. In the meantime, here is a personal message from Tim:

Dear MFL Colleagues

I trust that you have enjoyed a lovely summer holiday (probably seems a long time ago now!) and that the first days back to school have gone smoothly!

I look forward very much to visiting schools across the GwE region again in this new academic year and to the opportunity of visiting schools that I have yet to visit. With this in mind, I am very pleased to forward “fresh off the press” links to my brand new web site update at which will again form the backdrop to talks in this new school year.

As well as commercial use the new web site has once again been produced with one eye on school visits and for use as a backdrop to conversations around MFL with pupils. In addition, also for the potential use as a teaching resource for teacher and pupil pre-visit research on my business profile.
With this in mind, I would like to draw your attention to the following key MFL elements which are listed below.

All feedback as always would be very welcome and I take this opportunity to wish you and your MFL teams an uplifting and smooth running academic year ahead!

Kindest regards


First up the new Community Page at;
This page is designed to be developed going forward and where desirable to partners linked into partner MFL platforms and information including publishing articles around MFL and MFL visits to schools.
Secondly, we are now featuring our Welsh Design home base here;
We have pages featuring information in Spanish and German,
Spanish via our Signature in the Media link at;
German via our German Partner Page – click on “View Profile” at;
In addition to the above, we are also retaining our 6 minute Workshop Video so if teachers decide to have their pupils undertake some pre-visit research ahead of a school visit our video provides a good illustration of manufacturing taking place in Britain with products made using Victorian manufacturing techniques and then exported all over the world. Potential cross-curricular links here in school to link MFL to Welsh Bac and Business.

Gwenno Jarvis

Challenge Adviser
WBQ, MFL & Pioneer Network
Tel: 07773 585558
Conwy / Denbighshire Office: Bryn Eirias, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 8EY