Key Stage 2 and 3 Moderation

In accordance with statutory requirements, schools are required to arrange moderation meetings in Welsh, English, mathematics and science. Please see the timetable for further information.


Clusters to identify an ‘Assessment Leader’ for KS2 & KS3. Their role is to receive and share information about the process with the rest of the cluster. Send the names to: by Friday, 31 January 2020 Headteachers
Cluster Assessment Leaders to attend a local GwE information session – we intend to offer twilight sessions across the region. Week beginning Monday, 10 February 2020 ‘Assessment Leaders’
GwE Supporting Improvement Advisers

Assessment Leaders to ensure that all schools within the cluster are aware of the standardisation and moderation requirements and the resources available.

Send dates of cluster moderation meetings to GwE

Send dates of meetings to: by Friday, 28 February 2020 ‘Assessment Leaders’
Schools in the Cluster
Clusters to undertake standardisation activities, schools to participate in professional dialogue and internal moderation activities. Autumn – Spring term All teaching staff in schools

Headteachers / ’Assessment Leaders’ to arrange and facilitate a meeting within the cluster of schools to engage in professional dialogue and moderate pupils end of key stage attainment.

Statutory requirements are for the work of 1 pupil at Level 4 and 5 in KS2 and Level 5 and 6 in KS3 in all core areas of subjects should be moderated.

Final cluster moderation meetings to be held in the Spring and/or summer term Headteachers
‘Assessment Leaders’
Schools in the cluster
Supporting Improvement Advisers
GwE Supporting Improvement Advisers will attend these meetings.    

Download the timetable here


Arrangements for undertaking the end of Foundation Phase assessments for 2017-18

Welsh Government have issued a statement clarifying arrangements for undertaking the end of Foundation Phase assessments for 2017-18. Click on the link to read the statement.

Welsh Government’s response to Estyn thematic review on moderation of teacher assessment at Key Stages 2 and 3

Response to Estyn thematic review on moderation of teacher assessment at Key Stages 2 and 3: a review of accuracy and consistency.

Securing Teacher Asessment – Programme of External Verification
Programme Update Report – September 2016

The report below provide a brief update following the second year of Welsh Government’s Securing Teacher Assessment Programme of External Verification. The report outlines information relating to:

  • Programme activities, verifier allocation and visit summary
  • Initial findings from year two of the programme
  • Key actions identified in the initial draft report (July 2016)

The final report on the second year of the programme will be presented to the Welsh Government in December 2016.

New thematic report by Estyn:

Moderation of teacher assessment at key stage 2 and key stage 3: a review of accuracy and consistency

Please click on the link below to read the report:

Moderation of teacher assessment at key stage 2 and key stage 3: a review of accuracy and consistency
September 2016

KS2 and KS3 Exemplification Materials

Click here to view the letter from the Director and Manager of ‘Securing Teacher Assessment Programme of External Verification’ (STAP) in regards to KS2 and KS3.

Teacher assessment in key stages 2 and 3

During the spring and summer terms of 2015 we have taken steps to ensure that all schools and clusters across the region have robust systems in place to assure the quality, consistency and reliability of teacher assessment. This project has responded to the Welsh Government plan ‘Strengthening confidence in teacher assessment; end-to-end process to ensure quality, consistency and reliability’ which was published on the Learning Wales website in December 2014. (

Whilst acknowledging the good practice in assessment, standardisation and moderation that exists in many of our schools and clusters, we aim to ensure that there is greater consistency across the region.

Our aim is to establish a process for the moderation of teacher assessment that will lead to more accurate and reliable teacher assessment. Ensuring greater consistency in making best-fit judgements when awarding end of key stage levels and greater consistency in the way in which schools and clusters standardise and moderate teacher assessments have been our main objectives.

Following a consultation by Welsh Government in 2014/15, it is now statutory for all schools, with the exception of Special Schools to participate in cluster moderation. Below is the Welsh Statutory Instrument relating to cluster moderation.

Standardisation and Moderation

National Profiles

These profiles are intended to help teachers see the type of evidence that can be used to take to a cluster meeting in order to support the best-fit judgments made. It also clearly demonstrates that the evidence predominantly lies in the pupil’s books and hence is what is already available to the teacher.

The profiles also include a detailed commentary which provides clarity on why the best-fit judgement was awarded. There is no suggestion or expectation that a learner profile is produced for every pupil in the cohort or that teachers write such an extensive commentary.

It is recognised that schools and clusters will have a variety of formats to record the evidence which support the best fit judgements made. It is perfectly acceptable to take to cluster moderation.