Initial Teacher Education [ITE]

From September 2020 the Graduate Teacher Programme will no longer be available in Wales. The Open University, in partnership with the consortia and the Welsh Government, can offer two alternative routes into teaching – a salaried PGCE and a part time PGCE.  Both routes include a mix of online and face-to-face sessions with mentors and practice tutors. They also include 120 days of practical experience across two schools.


If you already work at a school as a teaching assistant or in a non-teaching role, you can apply for your school to sponsor your study. You’ll need to get agreement from your school to apply for this route.  You will be employed on a full time basis on an unqualified teacher rate. You will study for your PGCE around your existing school duties and your course fees will be fully funded. You’ll be in a school setting full-time across the two years, while also completing your academic studies. Schools can receive partial funding from Welsh Government towards your salary if you are studying to teach a shortage subject.

You can still apply for the salaried route if you don’t work in a school, but you’ll need to have a school willing to sponsor you, which we could help you find.


If you don’t work in a school, or the salaried route isn’t right for you, there is a part-time option available. It’s ideal if you want to study your PGCE around your current job or other life commitments. This route can be self-funded or you can apply for a student loan and part-time maintenance grants to help with the costs.

Part-time PGCE and Salaried PGCE available across phases and priority subjects in Autumn 2020. Priority subjects for the secondary salaried route are Science, Welsh and Maths. Applicants can apply at

For further information or to discuss the new routes please contact or


Further information about the alternative Routes to teaching can be found on the following sites: