The Foundation Phase

Nursery Education for 3 and 4 Year Olds in Wales

Foundation Phase Nursery: A guide for parents and carers

Please see the Foundation Phase Nursery guide for parents and carers by the Welsh Government. The guide seeks to inform parents and carers about how and when their child can benefit from Foundation Phase Nursery.


Arrangements for undertaking the end of Foundation Phase assessments for 2017-18

Welsh Government have issued a statement clarifying arrangements for undertaking the end of Foundation Phase assessments for 2017-18. Click on the link to read the statement.

Amendments to the Foundation Phase Profile for Baseline Assessments

The Welsh Government, in response to comments received through a survey of practitioners’ views, has made changes to the wording of four skill ladders within the Compact Profile version of the Foundation Phase in order to make them clearer. We encourage those who are undertaking baseline assessments of children at the start of Reception Year to use the revised versions as these are intended to clarify the distinction between different levels of children development. Click here for further information.

Foundation Phase Profile

Welsh Government have published a revised version of the ‘Foundation Phase Profile Handbook’ (September 2017).

Click on this link to receive a copy of the updated profile.

Foundation Phase Pedagogy