Post-16 VESPA

Please find below information regarding an exciting opportunity for you as post-16 leaders. Working with the other regional consortia we have organised professional learning based on the work of Martin Griffin and Steve Oakes, authors of the A Level Mindset. The programme of professional learning will be delivered by Martin and Steven and will consist of a number of different sessions based on your familiarity with the work:

  • Schools that are new to the VESPA programme will have the opportunity to engage with two introductory sessions, a follow up session on coaching with VESPA and a final session on implementing VESPA at scale.
  • Schools that are already familiar with VESPA and may be already using many of the VESPA  activities have the opportunity to engage with two sessions: the first session will focus on coaching using VESPA and the second session on implementing VESPA at scale.

Steve Oakes has provided a summary of the programme here:

This programme is suitable for Heads of sixth form/post-16 leaders as well as key stage 4 progress leaders.   Further details can be found in the attached documents but please get in touch should you have any questions.    

Please use this link to access the booking form.